Why use the Corsearch Trademark Watching solution

Worldwide coverage

What makes our watch solution one of the best in the industry is the exceptional quality of our Analysts. Their multilingual knowledge of local jurisdictions covers you globally.

Time-saving collaboration

Review and analyze your results on an intuitive and collaborative platform. Quickly create customizable reports to share with colleagues and clients.

Reliable data quality

Accurate, complete, and current data ensures relevant, noiseless notices that match your needs.

Linked investigations

Review and analyze your watch results and then conduct fast investigations on the web. Capture results in one click.

Fast notifications and comprehensive intelligence

Maintaining the distinct character of your trademarks, and the equity invested in them, relies on receiving up-to-date information and in-depth investigations that support you to efficiently prepare for oppositions or litigation.

Apply the necessary level of global scrutiny to your portfolio with Corsearch. As your watching partner, Corsearch delivers an industry-leading service with fast, relevant notifications and comprehensive intelligence from a team of experienced Analysts.

Work with our team to reduce noise and finetune your watch strategy for word marks, logo marks, designs, owners, domain names, and company names.

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Corsearch helps businesses across industries achieve extraordinary results. Whether you’re a midsize organization or a Fortune 500 enterprise, our Trademark Clearance Solutions enable you to register and protect your marks with confidence. Request a demo from one of our experts to find out why Corsearch is the right choice for you.