Trademark Screening

Whether you have one trademark candidate or a list of hundreds, you need reliable, efficient tools that can quickly show you the strongest candidates to take forward to full search or clearance. Our Screening solution makes it easy to knock out any marks unfit for clearance at an early stage so you can spend your time on the marks that matter, not the ones that don’t.

Why use Corsearch Trademark Screening solutions

Fast, global results

Corsearch Screening provides instant access to over 1000 global trademark, company name, domain, design, and specialty databases, in one easy-to-use interface.

Intuitive platform and reporting

Review and analyze your results on an intuitive and collaborative platform. Create customizable reports for optimal results.

Data quality and reliability

Accurate, complete, and current data ensures the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Time-saving tools

Conduct identical, phonetically identical, or fully automated similarity searches in one click. Quickly identify the most relevant marks thanks to exclusive features.

Our Trademark Screening solutions

Corsearch Screening

Fast trademark screening eliminates unfit candidates on our easy-to-use systems. Check global viability on over 1000 online databases.


Evaluate logo candidate conflicts with cutting-edge image recognition AI, flexibly combined with image code, product class, and other in-parallel search tools.


Instantly check any exact and partially exact matches for your new name candidates with a rapid risk overview.


Identify and analyze risks with powerful AI that ranks potential threats by likelihood of confusion similarity in seconds; investigate opponent size and litigiousness.

Portfolio Analyzer™

Rapidly create and verify trademark portfolios to identify growth trends, reduce trademark coverage gaps, and strengthen commercial performance.

Corsearch Pharma-Check

Our innovative bulk-screening knockout solution. Spend your time on the pharma names that matter.

Find your strongest trademark candidates

With Corsearch’s Trademark Screening solutions, you can efficiently narrow down prospective trademarks to your strongest, most distinctive candidates by writing your own queries or benefitting from our automated phonetic and similarity-based search engine.

With coverage of more than 1,000 databases, a best-in-class phonetics engine, and a customizable review for the creation of personalized documents, trademark practitioners recognize Corsearch Screening for its sophistication and usability.

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Corsearch helps businesses across industries achieve extraordinary results. Whether you’re a midsize organization or a Fortune 500 enterprise, our Trademark Clearance Solutions enable you to register and protect your marks with confidence. Request a demo from one of our experts to find out why Corsearch is the right choice for you.