Trademark Solutions: What We Do

Don’t risk trademark infringement, opposition, or consumer confusion. Cut through complexity with Corsearch's rapid, AI-powered research tools for the clearance and monitoring of your trademarks.

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Why choose Corsearch

Data quality and scope

Establishing brands in hundreds of worldwide territories requires speed and accuracy. We continuously monitor global trademark registries and commercial landscapes to deliver fast, clean data you can trust.

Expertise and technology combined

Our highly-trained researchers harness a powerful search engine to provide extensive trademark search reports. Our researchers have expertise in both Latin and non-Latin registers.

Experienced and approachable

Conduct identical, phonetically identical, or fully automated similarity searches in one click. Quickly identify the most relevant marks thanks to exclusive features.

Robust investigations

Our in-use investigations reveal if existing marks that may conflict with your candidate remain valid. We maximise the chances of success during your trademark clearance process.

Collaborative Working

Create customized charts to quickly communicate your results with colleagues. With AI-powered instant results, you can work together to reduce candidate lists and boost efficiency.

Seamless service

Don’t deal with multiple external stakeholders for trademark and brand clearance. Build brand image and trust with our seamless screening, searching, and watching solutions.

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Trademark Solutions: How we do it

Corsearch’s Trademark Screening, Searching, and Watching solutions are powered by our advanced technology and expert team. Learn more about how we deliver industry-leading solutions for clearing and protecting your marks.

How we do it