Playboy’s Goal

Greetings! As a trusted partner of Playboy Enterprises International, Inc., we encourage you to report illicit, or unauthorized goods to us by using the form to the right. We appreciate your partnership, and continued diligence to ensure only authentic and licensed goods are available to consumers. Thank You! 您好!作为花花公子企业国际有限公司值得信赖的合作伙伴,我们鼓励您使用右边的表格向我们举报非法或未经授权的商品。感谢您的合作,我们将继续努力确保只有正品和授权商品提供给消费者。谢谢您!

Corsearch Brand Protection Solutions

Our Brand Protection solutions enable global businesses to remove online IP infringements, safeguard their customers, and protect critical e-commerce channels.

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