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Introducing swift, AI-enabled name generation for brands and products. Powered by TrademarkNow and ChatGPT.

Your new brand name. In seconds.

Generate unique, relevant brand and product names. Screened for use in seconds. Watch the demo and explore how AI-powered name generation can help you get trademarks into market faster than ever before.

Key benefits

Built on the TrademarkNow platform, our Name Generator features a user-friendly interface, streamlining your workflow.

Generate and clear brand names quicker than ever

You can swiftly generate and identify viable brand names for trademark use, helping you drive tremendous efficiency in getting brands to market.

Get accurate, relevant results

Use our advanced AI technology to generate brand names that are unique and relevant to your industry.

Foster greater collaboration

Solve creative tension between the marketing and legal teams and empower marketing to be a critical part of your clearance process.

For Law Firms:

Gain the ability to be a better business partner and more responsive to client needs in naming projects.

For Corporates:

Put marketing and legal departments on the same team, save waste on costs and internal resources.

For Marketing & Branding Agencies:

Empower efficiency in creativity by keeping the focus on developing viable names.

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Our customers say

“What I value very much about Corsearch is the excellent partnership. I always have the impression that Corsearch understands our business and that the service is made in accordance with our demands as an industry.”

Kristiane Vandborg, Senior Director Head of Global Trademarks

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“Using TrademarkNow means that we can quickly identify and take action on any potential infringements – and sometimes even before these potentially infringing trademarks are officially published.”

Antony Douglass, Legal Director Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Marketing & Digital Strategy