Growing risks on social media: How to mitigate threats and protect consumer trust

  • Brand Protection

Social media has fast become a key consumer touchpoint which brands have been quick to adopt. But as the landscape continues to evolve rapidly – from ever-higher usage, emerging channels, and social marketplaces – so too has the threat from bad actors.

Hear key insights from Brand Protection experts at Corsearch and global educational testing and assessment organization ETS on why a cross-functional approach is critical to tackling threats on social media.


  • The evolving threat landscape on social media – from counterfeiting and phishing to impersonation and negative association
  • How bad actors exploit social channels – how infringers operate across channels and at scale
  • How brands must respond to these threats – assessing the threat level, getting cross-functional buy-in and retaining control
  • Best practices on key platforms – Facebook & Instagram

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