Cloudflare’s Role in Rogue Website Enforcement: Challenges, Enablers, And The Need For Change

  • Brand Protection
  • Content Protection

A high proportion of the websites that Corsearch identifies as engaged in brand and content infringement use Cloudflare’s services (71% of all websites notified by Corsearch and demoted by Google, 49% of all websites enforced by Corsearch for content piracy and 23.5% of all websites enforced by Corsearch for counterfeiting).

Access the webinar for a comprehensive overview of our deep dive into the world of website enforcement — looking at the role of Cloudflare and other Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers.

Our panel cover:

  • An overview of website enforcement and the issues that arise
  • Our findings from our research of Cloudflare and other intermediaries’ website enforcement data
  • A review of our requests for changes in policy to protect brand and content owners
  • A study of how network analysis plays into website enforcement

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