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Is Fake the New Real? Living in a Fake Society – US

  • Brand Protection

Fake news, fake social media accounts. We are living in an era where the onus is on individuals to understand what is fake and what is real.

Can we tell the difference? Have we lost trust in everything we see online – or are we becoming savvier? Do we understand the impact of fake goods and fake news on the wider society? And, if so, is that changing our behavior?

Recent research undertaken for Incopro by Sapio Research across the US assessed the impact of today’s fake society, revealing how it has affected our trust as individuals, how we are influenced online, and whether we know – or care – that we are being tricked.

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This ebook was originally published on the Incopro website. Incopro was acquired by Corsearch in 2021, with the two organizations combining their technology and expertise to better serve the market.