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Why Corsearch is the Top Brand Protection Platform

Leading brand protection technology

Corsearch has the combined power of the industry-leading technology that we’ve acquired from Pointer Brand Protection, Yellow, and Incopro. From AI and OCR, to clustering and automation, Corsearch uses cutting-edge techniques to save your team time and deliver impact.

Global platform relationships

Corsearch has developed strong working relationships with marketplaces, social media websites, and other platforms. This allows us to expedite the removal of infringements and help establish proactive measures on these platforms.

Unmatched industry expertise

With decades of combined industry and legal expertise, our brand protection specialists know where and what to look for. Using their deep practical knowledge, they can provide key advice and remove even the most difficult infringements.

Exclusive practitioner community

Our customers benefit from expert insights provided by INSYNC, an exclusive community for thought leaders and practitioners in the Brand Protection and Trademark spaces. As automatic INSYNC members, Corsearch customers are invited to exclusive events to share their knowledge and showcase success.

Online Marketplaces We Monitor



App stores

Paid search & advertising

3D printing sites

NFT marketplaces


Brand Protection: How we do it

Blending advanced Brand Protection technology and expert service, Corsearch offers the smarter way to protect your brand and see long-term impact.

How we do it