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Combining artificial intelligence with unrivalled industry expertise, to ensure your brand and consumers are protected online from counterfeits, scams, impersonations and other forms of IP infringement.

Corsearch is trusted by 5000+ customers worldwide

Don’t just build great brands. Protect them.

Full visibility & Insight

Monitor all illicit use of your brand, with the broadest and deepest coverage online. Benefit from intelligent prioritization for visibility of the most important risks.

Rapid discovery & Action

Fully managed, automated end-to-end processes and AI prioritization for the fastest time to removal.

High impact and ROI

With more successful removals than any other provider, and the largest investigations team to close entire infringement networks. We help you to reduce risks for good.

Unrivalled industry expertise. Most innovative AI.  

Our intelligence is hybrid. We combine decades of industry expertise with unmatched AI capabilities in the market, to help you turn the tide on brand abuse. By leveraging machine learning processes to recognize threats for us, we are able to prioritize risks faster, enabling our team of Brand Protection partners to focus on the complex tasks – from identifying trends to finding the source of threats, and from liaising with platforms to escalating enforcements.

Trusted Automation and AI 

Our AI learns from the actions of our experts, to quickly recognize risks and recommend them for action. Using AI we surface over 70% more threats that would otherwise be missed. Our auto-generated takedown notices and platform APIs mean we enforce threats promptly and with accuracy.

An Extension of Your Team 

Our global partner team includes the largest brand protection team in China. Our teams have decades of combined industry and legal expertise, serving as an extension of your team. They are here to drive and execute your strategy, provide expert insights and ensure our enforcement actions are accurate and successful.

Corsearch has direct integrations with key platforms

Our trusted and recognised status, supported by the largest customer base in the industry, means that we collaborate closely with online platforms. Whether it’s implementing proactive enforcement policies, gaining access to expedited reporting channels, or being the first provider to access exclusive platform APIs. Our relationships help us to remove illicit listings 46% faster than other vendors.

1,400 marketplace platforms covered
1.3 million
1.3m enforcements on platforms every month
99% compliance for counterfeit removal
Worth of counterfeit stock removed monthly for luxury fashion brands

See the full picture, own the full picture

We go beyond Marketplaces and Social Media to scan the entire landscape of threats to your brand online, to safeguard consumer trust.

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Explore your brand’s true market presence. Request your digital brand radar now.

Corsearch expert analysts
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  • Report effectively on the revenue you’re protecting

Corsearch is trusted by:

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